D. Tabor

“I would like to share the experience I had with Gary in Shreveport Louisiana. My husband made the appointment for us to go to Olive Gardens and talk to someone about our timeshare. We had tried to sale the timeshare with no success. We also did not want to put any more money into anything else. We just wanted out!!

When we met Gary he was so personable and just so easy to talk to. I was not feeling well and it got worse after we got to the presentation. Gary seemed to be genuinely concerned and I was impressed by his kindness.

Gary was very knowledgeable about GCG and was able to answer all of our questions. We went there with the intentions of not spending any money. After talking with him we felt that GCG was the answer to our timeshare problems.

Gary not only impressed us that night he has continued to impress us by calling or texting to see if I was feeling better and to answer any questions we had. He has become a friend that I feel like I can trust. As we were waiting to talk  with another member of the GCG he asked about our lives. We shared some about our family and how proud we were of them. He shared that he had a beautiful wife and son. He really came alive as he talked about them and shared pictures. I was impressed that his family was so important to him.

Our time with Gary was and still is a wonderful experience. I believe him to be a man of integrity. I personally wish
there were more Gary Romano’s in this world.”