V. Beckett


Thank you for the follow-up phone call this morning.

Please accept my compliments for your representative, Andrey Melnikov, for his kindness and patience during the session last night.  Andrey is very personable and was willing to explain things multiple times and I really appreciate his patience with me even though I asked a lot of questions and took a long time to make a decision.  He was not afraid to ask for additional help when he did not know the answers and during “down” times did not dessert me but carried on conversations to keep me engaged.  He was not “pushy” and did not try to influence my decisions.  Andrey really made me feel comfortable during an otherwise stressful period.

It is a great relief to know that now there is a definite “end” to the timeshare situation at my discretion once my current obligation is met and that I do not have to burden my descendants with an ongoing obligation after I’m gone.  My only hope is that the costs remain reasonable over the next ten years or so.

Thank you,

Vicki Beckett”