V. Jackson

“Gary Romano is a pleasant and enjoyable sales representative for GC Transfer. I had made up my mind prior to meeting with Gary that we were not going to join any of the gimmicks that you normally have when meeting with timeshare representatives. The[y] actually wrote all the information down and came through as they stated, they are not a timeshare agency but a transfer company. We realized this after comparisons to the timeshare we owned and still paying for to their advertised transfer. Informed they would take our timeshare with the enormous maintenance fee and get rid of it, it happened immediately. They are in the process of getting us out of the timeshare we are still paying for which I have every confidence they will get us out of that disaster as well and retrieve some or maybe all monies spent. They have been true to their word and continues to assist us when needed. They get back to you timely and make sure you are happy with the services they provided. This has been a pleasant experience and I am ecstatic to get out of one timeshare and await getting rid of the other one soon. Thank you for your honesty and diligence in making sure we received the services you stated when we met.”