“I have purchased two Worldmark accounts from GC Getaways at very competitive prices. My experience with Ryan and his team has been flawless. They are very responsive and informative during the whole transaction. Ryan has followed through with every guarantee and will make sure you get exactly what you pay for. During our second transaction, for some reason, the owner of the account transferred out all of the banked credits which would’ve caused a huge problem and waste of time and money for me had Ryan not stayed on top of the transaction and realized this. He immediately contacted me and fixed the situation by unwinding the deal and finding me a comparable account which was very reassuring considering I paid in full from the beginning. I assure you when dealing with Ryan and GC Getaways you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about because they are a stand up, honest and loyal company to their customers. Trust me, I’ve experienced it first hand!”

Victor A.

“We met [Karl] back in June and were fascinated to find out that our Resorts were bought out by Holiday Inn. Karl [was] so great to speak with and very informative about how the Resorts had kept information from us and were trying to get away from telling us.

We had the Resort call, but they refused to tell us what they wanted and when we went to a dinner; if my daughter did not attend they would send us home wagging our tails behind us because she was on the the paperwork; but she was not the primary person, I was. He also explained by the time we finish paying for our resort and continue to pay the maintenance fee we would have probably, bought in essence, 2 or 3 more resorts.

We are so happy with Karl giving us all this information and it has saved a lot of money. We can’t believe it. We are FREE.”

Ana Maria

“I would like to let you know that you have a jewel in Tiffany. She is a wonderful person and not easily rankled, very even-tempered. She was wonderful to deal with.”

Mary McMenamin


Thank you for the follow-up phone call this morning.

Please accept my compliments for your representative, Andrey Melnikov, for his kindness and patience during the session last night.  Andrey is very personable and was willing to explain things multiple times and I really appreciate his patience with me even though I asked a lot of questions and took a long time to make a decision.  He was not afraid to ask for additional help when he did not know the answers and during “down” times did not dessert me but carried on conversations to keep me engaged.  He was not “pushy” and did not try to influence my decisions.  Andrey really made me feel comfortable during an otherwise stressful period.

It is a great relief to know that now there is a definite “end” to the timeshare situation at my discretion once my current obligation is met and that I do not have to burden my descendants with an ongoing obligation after I’m gone.  My only hope is that the costs remain reasonable over the next ten years or so.

Thank you,

Vicki Beckett”

V. Beckett

“Thank you Karrie for all your help with this transaction. I will definitely leave positive feedback on Ebay. I appreciate your professionalism and you excellent communication which made this process so stress free.”

Jim T.

“Thanks Karrie. We really appreciate your help. You have made this experience better for us.”

Bob & Kirk A.

“It has been our pleasure working with you [Alissa Ross] through this process because you were always responsive to our requests and inquiries. We appreciate your customer service acumen and may God continue to bless you.”

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Thaxton, Sr.

“I just wanted to thank you [Alissa Ross] for doing such a great job of closing and recording our timeshare. You kept us informed, answered questions and did a very professional job.?”

R. Johnson

“All in all, my experience was favorable. Karrie, in particular, was thoughtful, patient and busted her butt to make the deal go. Only problem was that Wyndham “dragged” their feet in doing the transfer because they were automatically getting my monthly withdrawal of maintenance fees as long as the transfer remained undone. We thought we had the proper documents completed and Wyndham came back and said we had to complete different papers. We would do it again however to get rid of that monkey off our backs.”

Joe & Anne N.

“I appreciate how you handled the transfer of our timeshare in a ‘timely’ manner and your ‘customer service skills’ are an asset to your company. You were dependable and any time I called to inquire of the status; you were always able to give me an update.  We appreciated your assistance.”

Syrathia T.

“Karrie: Great job. Seamless transfer. No problems at all.”

Gail K.

“Dear Karrie,

I received your e-mail, and I would like to thank you for the way you handled the transfer of my timeshare. Everything was done in a timely manner and I was informed as to what steps I needed to take in order to get this matter completed.

Again I say thank you and may God bless.”

Vernell T.

“I don’t know how you did it but you DID it and that was what was important to us.  Thank you, Karrie Helton!”

J. Lucero

“Hi Karrie

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to send an e-mail to me.  I always like having documentation of what has happened in doing business transactions. The process started out a little bumpy for me. I’m here in Wilmington, NC & GC Getaways & Transfers in Texas. I was always a little afraid that something would go wrong & I would still be caught up with this Myrtle Beach property or some other bad situation. Thank you for all that you have done !!!!!  Hope & pray that all is well with you…

Helen McKoy”

H. McKoy

“Thanks Karrie, the transfer worked fine after you placed if with someone who managed to find someone who wanted to have the timeshare. Now no more requests for maintenance fees.”


“Even though we were not in the same city; you worked closely with me. You always responded to my e-mails which gave me some relief. I thank you for all that you have done in the process of the Broadway Plantation property being transferred.

Helen McKoy”

H. McKoy

“Closing was easy”

S. Dodson

“I just wanted to tell you that you were most helpful and patient.


Jackie Hollencamp” – Vacation Village

J. Hollencamp

“Gary Romano is a pleasant and enjoyable sales representative for GC Transfer. I had made up my mind prior to meeting with Gary that we were not going to join any of the gimmicks that you normally have when meeting with timeshare representatives. The[y] actually wrote all the information down and came through as they stated, they are not a timeshare agency but a transfer company. We realized this after comparisons to the timeshare we owned and still paying for to their advertised transfer. Informed they would take our timeshare with the enormous maintenance fee and get rid of it, it happened immediately. They are in the process of getting us out of the timeshare we are still paying for which I have every confidence they will get us out of that disaster as well and retrieve some or maybe all monies spent. They have been true to their word and continues to assist us when needed. They get back to you timely and make sure you are happy with the services they provided. This has been a pleasant experience and I am ecstatic to get out of one timeshare and await getting rid of the other one soon. Thank you for your honesty and diligence in making sure we received the services you stated when we met.”

V. Jackson

“Gary was the person who worked with my wife and I in Tallahassee earlier this year so we can get rid of our timeshare. We do pray that he and his family are also safe. Gary was courteous, patient, knowledgeable as he walked us through the initial process. You have a very valuable asset in Gary.”

C Drick & B Daniel

“My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the help you were to us in transferring our Palm Beach Shores time share. You were a tremendous help and answered all questions to our satisfaction in addition to your wonderful follow-up. We are so grateful to you and wish you continued good luck!”

V. Sterett

“Just a note to say THANK YOU for showing me a way to safely and legally get released from my Time-Share. Also, I wanted to tell you how nice it is to know I can call or Text you for answers to questions I might have in using my GCG account.”

D. Olsen

“To get started right away, my wife Katherine and I would like to thank you for our recent experience with your company gcgto. You and your team helped to create a great atmosphere of comfort during our recent purchase of your great gcgto network. The vacation and business savings we are seeing make it worth it and hope to continue our relationship with you and yours for many years to come. I would eagerly endorse your services to any and all people looking for a good deal. The good deals are hard to find now a days. So many are few and far between. You have helped us to realize our travel dreams for the future and brought them down to a reasonable cost we can live with to acquire our dream vacations. So please let me know if I can help get the word out to people so they can acquire theirs also. Thanks again!”

D. Hunt

“I would like to share the experience I had with Gary in Shreveport Louisiana. My husband made the appointment for us to go to Olive Gardens and talk to someone about our timeshare. We had tried to sale the timeshare with no success. We also did not want to put any more money into anything else. We just wanted out!!

When we met Gary he was so personable and just so easy to talk to. I was not feeling well and it got worse after we got to the presentation. Gary seemed to be genuinely concerned and I was impressed by his kindness.

Gary was very knowledgeable about GCG and was able to answer all of our questions. We went there with the intentions of not spending any money. After talking with him we felt that GCG was the answer to our timeshare problems.

Gary not only impressed us that night he has continued to impress us by calling or texting to see if I was feeling better and to answer any questions we had. He has become a friend that I feel like I can trust. As we were waiting to talk  with another member of the GCG he asked about our lives. We shared some about our family and how proud we were of them. He shared that he had a beautiful wife and son. He really came alive as he talked about them and shared pictures. I was impressed that his family was so important to him.

Our time with Gary was and still is a wonderful experience. I believe him to be a man of integrity. I personally wish
there were more Gary Romano’s in this world.”

D. Tabor


My husband Dennis and I met you and your team @ the Red Lobster Restaurant in Redding California last night in regards to our timeshare delima and want so much to thank you all for being so helpful. God Bless you and thank you for being so understanding about my skepticism about what you were saying you could do to get us out of our TS. We were lied to when they got us to buy and also taken advantage of by another company claiming to sell it for us. We got the call from GCGTO just a bit ago and things are beginning to roll.
Feeling such relief today and much thankfulness.
So glad we got to meet you and also thanks for letting the delicious meal!
Take care ?”

Sherri Mason

Hi Tiffiany,

Please thank Diana for me when you talk with her again, she was such a delight to talk to on the phone and you have been so awesome also Tiffiany. Personally, I can’t wait to get rid of that Wyndham burden. It has been such a thorn in our sides for so many years. Being able to take this one last vacation will make me feel even better knowing that it will hopefully be the last one where we will be physically and financially strapped to them (Wyndham)! Hopefully we can get all signed up soon, and the necessary documents taken care of so that after June 23rd, the process can begin to shed that huge burden.

Thanks again for helping us along so much and for keeping me updated.

🙂 🙂 -Carl

Please read: I paid 3 companies to get us out of our timeshare- then we decided to try one more time and signed up with GC Getaways & Transfer Outlet. This time, Savannah was assigned to us and she came through. We are completely out of the timeshare. It did take about 6 months. I usually don’t complete reviews of any company, but getting out of the timeshare was a HUGE deal and it really happened. Thank you

Kim A.

Savannah and the entire GC Getaway and Transfer team delivered exactly as promised and well within the timeline they laid out. If you have your documents and follow their directions in a timely basis, they will take care of the rest.

 Russ McDonald